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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Started:

What type of jump would you recommend?

How can I book/raise money for a charity that isn't registered with you?

How can I book as a group?

How do I book group members for different charities?

Where can I jump?

What date can I book for?

What time of the year can I book for?

How do I book a date?

My charity has mentioned a special booking day they have planned.
How do I book that?

What are your company's terms and conditions?

How does the medical form work?

What if I have a disability – can I still jump?

What if my doctor tells me I cannot jump for medical reasons?

What are the weight restrictions? Highest and lowest?

What are the age restrictions?

Will My Skydive Be Impacted by Covid-19?

Once Booked On:

I’ve booked on - now what?

After I’ve booked on, can I change the airfield I want to jump at?

What if I have to cancel or reschedule?

Fundraising Information for Charity Jumps:

How does the sponsorship work?

When should I start fundraising?

How can I fundraise?

How do I get my £70 deposit back if I am doing a charity jump?

What sponsorship should I bring along on the day?

On the Day:

What if the weather isn’t looking good?

Can I have supporters come with me on the day?
What time should they arrive?

What time do I need to be at the airfield for?

Can I use a GoPro?

Are dogs allowed at the airfield?

How long does the process take to complete the jump?

What do I wear?

Can I wear glasses or contact lenses?

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